An Interior Designer who creates comfortable spaces for business and homes. She transforms them with or without breaking walls. She uses furniture and objects that she finds or designs by herself. I love her ability to come up with realistic and original solutions that bring quality of life to her customers.

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Verveine is a new concept of sustainable landscaping. This small scaled company rescues surplus stocks of industrial materials and give them a second chance in the open air. Verveine takes advantage of large industry resources to create small and medium sized outdoor spaces for companies and private homes.

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In collaboration with the designer Merche Alcalà and the website builder Enric Gatell we created a website, blog and newsletter for the Escola Decroly of Barcelona, a referent in active education in the city. The home is a table that invites to explore and discover, following the spirit of Decroly unique pedagogical method.

I'm currently working on a communication project for this school.

An architect focused in urban planning for developing cities. He has worked with UN Habitat and other global organizations in housing projects where he has applied his personal vision of participatory proceses and sustainable criteria.

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